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The artist behind Diju & Melo is Daniel Shechter. Daniel is a photographer and stylist who specializes in food.

Everyday I create new and exciting things in my studio. I pay close attention to the smallest details and never compromise on the quality of the photography or the print. In everything I make I strive for the highest creative and professional standard, because I know my art will be let into your homes and offices and will be there with you throughout your day.

About Daniel

Daniel Shechter РFood photographer, Stylist and certified pastry chef from LCB Paris.  Daniel studied photography in the Hadassah Academic College. During his time in Hadassah he learned to combine his two great loves Рfood and photography.  Daniel now has a wide career as a food photographer, working with different companies and publications in Israel and abroad, giving food photography and styling workshops and working on his own art projects